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Amazing vMix Video Switchboard Controller RS232 RS485 Control PTZ camera live broadcast video mixer switcher

Amazing vMix Video Switchboard Controller RS232 RS485 Control PTZ camera live broadcast video mixer switcher

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Key Features of Video Switcher

The switcher panel is an external guide switcher designed specifically for live broadcast systems and full-media 4K virtual studio
systems. It has an elegant design and is a switcher, live broadcast, recording, and PTZ control designed specifically for guides.
It is a professional hardware control panel for one machine. It has a fully modern look and MIDI communication protocol interface,
which can greatly speed up the workflow of live playback. The panel uses high-quality curved buttons to reduce the chance of
misoperation. The buttons are backlit to help you quickly identify important keys. In addition, he is also equipped with a quick
search dial and a T-shaped putter. Buttons support dynamic display, and all buttons support custom settings.

◆ Adopt integrated hardware design, easy to use, and easy to maintain, fully embedded system, simple structure, integrated guide
switching, resource recording, network live broadcast, mixer, PTZ control, and stunt transition.
◆ Support selectable PGM/PVW 4 groups of 12 downstream key settings.
◆ Support 12-channel PGM and PVW switching preview.
◆ Support matching with Tianying 4K fusion media virtual studio system to realize the push-pull swing and rocker effect of the
virtual machine position.
◆ Support 4-channel wired/wireless PTZ camera preset position and camera position panning and aperture zoom.
◆ Supporting the Tianying live broadcast system to achieve fade in and fade out, flying windows, sliding images, push and pull,
and 2-way Stinger animation transition.
◆ Support one-key FTB black output.
◆ Support 8-channel Tally output,
◆ Provide a 15PIN PTZ control interface.

Name: Switcher panel;
Function key:Power button-1 pc+Backlight function keys ---71+T-bar fader - 1 piece+PTZ joystick - 1 pc+Volume keys - 2
Size:429*220*115mm(Including PTZ-containing remote stick),429*220*50mm(Length X width X height)
Standard accessories: Switchboard panel x 1 piece, USB cable x 1 piece, manual x 1 copy, warranty card certificate x1

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