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FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 V1 Multi-Format HDMI Mixer Live Streaming Video Switcher for virtual studio

FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 V1 Multi-Format HDMI Mixer Live Streaming Video Switcher for virtual studio

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Product Description
Product Name
FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 V1 Multi-format Video Mixer Switcher 4 x HDMI inputs multi camera production USB3.0 live streaming
Input Voltage
DC 12V / 1.5A
Max Power
Unit Size
185(L) x 110(W) x 39(H)mm
  • FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 Update to New Version

* 2”TFT display on board to live preview 4 inputs
* Auto cut and manual switch (T-Bar)
* USB capture video complying with UVC for live streaming
* Audio offers embedded or external source to select
* Support switch between 6-picture PVW and PGM to HDMI out
* Support PIP
* 14 transition effects on T-Bar
* Control by PC or Smart phone (via APP)

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Low Cost, Multi Camera Live Production with Advanced Broadcast Features
Multi- Application, One Solution         For normal people, they need smaller and simpler product to deal with the live applications. The LIVEPRO L1 V1 can be done this, which is with simple and compact design, rich special effects switching function, the screw hole can be fixed the switcher on the tripod. With these, live streaming and multi signal control will be simpler and easier done by single person.
The T-Bar of LIVEPRO L1 V1 support 14 transition effects and signal switching. Under T-Bar mode, pushing green button, it will flash and push T-Bar to the end (left or right), the source will be switched with selected transition effect. After switching, green turns to red. It is very suitable for video special effects switching of small outdoor scenes to meet the needs of video switching such as radio and television, outdoor sports events, school courseware production, etc. Note: When T-Bar is not in the end position, no source can be selected.
PC Controlling, Remote Operation   After connecting the LAN port to the computer, not extra software need to be installed, the software XPOSE holds on the computer,the operation is same as the switcher. So as to realize remote controlling, imagine using the switcher from a control room and building a professional broadcasting studio where the control room can be separated away from the performance or interviews. Inaddition, it allows you to add as many panels as you like all at the same time.
Product Usage
The LIVEPRO L1 V1 has an exquisite and compact control panel. The 4 buttons are for selecting input signals, green flashing means the signal has been selected, then switch the T-Bar, the selected signal will be displayed on the screen seamlessly, the green button changed to red after switched. The MENU button is for menu setting, the SW button is for selecting different functions such as mixing, PIP, transition time setting and the other functions. The left knob is for voice volume controlling, the right knob is for menu setting as well. From the TFT screen, we can preview 4 HDMI signals and easily do menu setting. • When you choose T-Bar to switch signal sources or transition effects, T-Bar must be pushed to left end or right end. When using the menu operation, T-BAR should also be in left end or right end, otherwise it cannot be operated. • When you would like to connect or embed audio, you must select the external or embedded audio source in the "AUDIO" menu firstly.
Faster Video Production, Plus Live Streaming
Live production is the fastest way to complete a finished program, plus you can stream it to a live global audience via Youtube at the same time. The USB 3.0 output of LIVEPRO L1 V1 connects to any computer and looks like a built in webcam, so all streaming software for social media platforms work! With up to 4 HDMI inputs you can set up multiple camera angles such as wide shots along with independent close ups of each person in the performance. Or you can connect to a computer with a PowerPoint slide show, video clip playback, websites or gaming consoles. All switching is in real time so you can live stream to any social media platform such as Youtube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Douyu TV and many more!
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